Mike Artelle's Superheroes and Fantasy Characters

Heroes Past and Present

In 2006 Mike produced a live puppet show featuring his cast of superhero puppets. "Heroes Past and Present" premiered at the Puppets Up Festival in 2006.

The play began with a comical version of the Greek myth about Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, followed by an original medieval fantasy quest about Pythor the Barbarian. The final act introduced a modern day superhero, Canadian Crusader.

In 2008 the production received a Commendation for Design in Puppetry Theatre from the Arlyn Award Society. Shown at right: Mike Artelle and Luman Coad with the Arlyn Award Commendation in 2009 at the Puppets Up Festival.

Superhero Puppets

Below are some galleries with more information about Mike's cast of characters.

Pythor the Barbarian™

Canadian Crusader™

Perseus, Son of Zeus

Griffon Shadow™