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Company History

Previously known as Artellephant Productions, Mike and Peggy Artelle have performed puppet shows since December 1987 when they did their first show for the Ottawa Public Library. Puppet shows and workshops were later presented at regional fairs, community centres, churches, libraries and festivals. All contents of this website © Mike Artelle, 2013. All rights reserved.
Above: Tyler the Bear ™ and Gordon the Sea Monster ™ visit
Parliament Hill in Ottawa, ON.

The Artelle's have also been very active within Ontario's puppetry community, specifically with the Ottawa Puppetry Club

Mike and Peggy's puppets have been exhibited at the Nepean Museum in Ottawa, the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum and Gallery in Waterloo and at several puppetry festivals.

In 2011 Mike and Peggy ceased performing shows to focus on selling original hand-made puppets at local events including Ravenswing and the Puppets Up International Festival. Today Peggy continues to offer a variety of puppetry workshops which are suitable for all ages. Mike is writing and illustrating several comic books featuring his original characters.

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Mike Artelle, Puppeteer, Puppet Designer, Comic Book Artist

All contents of this website © Mike Artelle, 2013. All rights reserved.
Mike at age 14 with some of his first puppet creations

Mike has enjoyed art and drawing since he was very young. He became an enthusiastic puppeteer at the age of nine as a fan of the Muppets, and started designing his own patterns for puppets and puppet costumes. Throughout elementary and high school, Mike did puppet shows for his family and friends, as well as for school talent shows and throughout the local community.

All contents of this website © Mike Artelle, 2013. All rights reserved.
Mike Artelle and Pythor

In 1995, Mike attended the 5th National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in Waterford Connecticut where he met, among others, puppeteer George Latshaw and Jane Henson. In 1997 Mike co-founded the Ottawa Puppetry Club and has served as OPC President on various occasions. In 1999 Mike met puppeteer John Conway, the creator of English Canada's first TV puppet celebrities, glove puppet characters Uncle Chichimus and Hollyhock. With Mr. Conway's permission and with partial funding from the Ontario Arts Council, Mike independently produced a 45-minute documentary John Conway and Uncle Chichimus, which chronicles Conway's puppetry career and how he became a pioneer of Canadian television.

Inspired by John Conway and puppeteer Ronnie Burkett, who performs with marionettes, Mike began experimenting with glove puppets combining them with realistic marionette sized bodies, and developed a new style of puppetry. Mike's unique table-top glove puppets first appeared in his live show Heroes Past and Present which premiered in 2006 at the Puppets Up International Festival in Almonte, ON. In 2008 the play received a Commendation for Design in Puppetry Theatre from the Arlyn Award Society.

Mike is a graduate of the Applied Museum Studies program at Algonquin College, and immensely enjoyed working at the Canadian Museum of Civilization as a Research Assistant and Puppetry Consultant for the virtual exhibit Art of Puppetry, which features over 2000 puppetry artifacts.

Mike has also been an avid doll collector and Mego fanatic since childhood. His blog Mikey's Dolls presents photos of his extensive collection. His vast collection of Muppet merchandise is presented on his Blog Mikey's Muppet Memorabilia Museum. Please visit Mikey's Puppetry Blog to see an online exhibit about his Puppetry and Art Projects.

Peggy Artelle, Puppeteer, puppet maker, scenery painter,

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During her childhood, Peggy enjoyed illustrating, painting and making doll clothing as a hobby. Later, she shared her creative interests with her children and encouraged them to explore the arts. She continued drawing and painting through to the mid 1980s when she began helping Mike do puppet shows. She has since created many original puppets of various styles, including rod, mouth, hand, shadow, and black light puppetry.

In addition to working with Mike for over 20 years, she performed many shows for Pegaron Puppetry, a troupe that she co-founded in 2000 with Sharon Wueppelmann. The company was retired in 2006. She has also attended many puppetry workshops instructed by puppeteers such as Bob Stutt, David Powell, John Nolan and Kathy MacLellan of Rag and Bone Theatre, David Smith, Noreen Young, and Luman Coad. Peggy was President of the Ottawa Puppetry Club for eight years, during which time she was also involved with the club's annual variety show. In early 2011, she retired from her position of 30 years as Cataloguer with the Ottawa Public Library, and looks forward to continue being active in puppetry.

Left: Peggy Artelle with the clown lantern / shadow puppet theatre sculpture that she made for the Lumiere Festival in 2011.

Bob Artelle, Carpenter, Sound Technician

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Since the late 1980s, Bob has been involved with the Artelle's puppet shows assisting as carpenter and creating all of the staging required for each of the productions. On many occasions he has also assisted as sound technician. In the mid 2000's, Bob and Peggy began performing short puppetry skits for the Ottawa Puppetry Club, and later mounted a production of Aesop's Fables that was performed at several regional libraries.

Right: Bob Artelle Performing the Royal Hunter at the Perth Library. Photo courtesy of the Perth Courier Weekender